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for obama. men voted for romney. white, black and hispanic women were more democratic than white-black and hispanic men. the gender gap lives at 18 percentage point to women in ohio voted for obama, men in ohio voted for romney. the marriage gap was a whopping 41 points with america voters decide as a republican in this election, and a growing group of nonmarried overwhelmingly democratic. all of these data are in our new aei political report prepared by andrew. we also want to thank claude for getting the support done with all of the latest 2012 data from 22 key demographic groups available for you today. the demographic changes are being felt in congress, too. david wasserman of "the cook political report" wrote that for the first time ever white men will no longer be a majority of the democratic caucus. in 1953, he says there were 98% of house democrats, and 97% of house republicans. along with the demographic data, the exit polls show obama was able to choose the economic issue, and he won overwhelmingly on empathy. we are going to begin today with michael barone who will tel
romney received a small percentage of latino and asian voters, much less than george w. bush received it's often noted, and many have said his views on immigration and conservativism's approach to immigration generally were to blame for the gop's poor showing this time around. it's worth noting, i think, that romney tried to appeal in some respects to all factions, all conservative factions on immigration. he repeatedly said that he was in favor of more legal immigration emphasizing legal, but also particularly during the primary season he took a harder line on the question of illegal immigration. what we at aei have decided to do in the wake of this election is convene a thoughtful panel of folks to discuss conservatives and immigration reform. now, i should note that this is the american enterprise institute for public policy research, it is not the institute for figuring out how to get conservatives elected or how to get republicans elected. we're interested in finding the right solutions to pick policy problems and issues -- public policy problems and issues. so i ask the panel to no
romney. when you broke down and women devoted other race, it is just sending. unmarried women made up 22% of the electorate. but they voted 70% to 30% democratic. one of color, latina women, black women that this is how barack obama won the presidency in races were decided. white women were not on that side of the vote. i would say that what i hear often, and this comes to issues of getting more women to run and more women of color to run is everybody will tell you it's a pipeline problem. if there's too many bylines from women or women of color in the media, everybody says women never pitch. and so that's something you hear. for me, one of the stars of this political event was nina turner and ohio. as you'll see in television doing incredible work on voter suppression staff in ohio. she was not up for election, but she was a star and is everybody talks about the other person that the person was nailed for, a republican black woman who just barely lost to elect for a moment like she was going to win her house seat. this is a problem within the feminist movement and has been always. the q
have evolved it mitt romney had come in, he would have been national security adviser, secretary of the treasury, he was deputy secretary during president bush and happened to be a senior foreign policy ambassador to germany and is one of the very few people who synthesizes the economic and national security in such a holistic way. his dad was a famous democrat who was one of the reasons i moved to washington, really great to have bob here. to michael porter's right ahead douglas holtz-eakin iran the congressional budget office and is a distinguished economist. he was john mccain's economic adviser in the first campaign. he is now running the american action forum. he is one of the best hot shots on fiscal issues but does it kindly and then we have steve case. i wanted to give him chairmanship of the jobs council, jeff immelt had that but not for long. steve case, one of the founders and chairman of aol, he chairs the entrepreneurship council, chairman of revolution, very tied up in trying to think about what are the spark the drive innovation, creativity, how do you drive young
, and not one hand goes up. and you know mitt romney knows better. you know jon huntsman knows better. the other six -- [laughter] but you know those two, and the fact that two rational, reasonable, highly-intelligent people concluded that to raise their hand would be to slash their throats for the nomination, that tells you manager. that really tells you something. and then the third thing that was important to me was you had a campaign that decided not to define their own candidate. and you think back to the romney campaign, they dispatched -- they won the nomination very tactically, o -- they raised more money, they destroyed their opponents one by one, they sort of dismantled them. but they chose even during the nomination face to never tell anybody who mitt romney was. and then as soon as he won the nomination, i think it was april 10th when rick santorum dropped out, they decided focus, discipline, we are going to in i day or dollar spent -- any day or dollar spent talking about anything other than obama or the economy was a day or dollar wasted. their view. that's almost word for word quo
on the military, mitt romney has proposed we spend $2 trillion in additional spending while still saying he's going to balance the budget, the annual deficit's run between $1 and $1.5 trillion annually. i'll start with you, bill, on your perspective where we need to cut pentagon spending, even with obama and his foreign policy and spending keeps going up. >> yeah. i think some folks on the left don't talk about this in a great way. national security is the kind of thing where most people want national security. you don't -- you don't want to penny pinch on national security. so you don't want to approach it ticketly from a numbers basis. strictly from a numbers basis. by the same token, throwing money at national security, throwing money at problems does not necessarily solve your problem. >> unless you're ben bernanke. [laughter] >> just buy any weapons system that comes down the pike doesn't necessarily make you safe. right now we have a situation where the pentagon is saying we don't need as much money as mitt romney's proposing, that's not necessary, number one. they are, some are not l
. and they really do represent two different modes. mcmorris rogers is a very effective surrogate for romney. she is from washington, she's from tom foley's old district in the, in central/south washington. it's an agricultural area. spokane is sort of the population center, i believe spokane reaches out to the east, and yakima for those who remember raymond carver stories from college literature classes. and she, she has, she is a truly charismatic politician. she's able to go on television, she's able to articulate the republican agenda in a way that is sort of nonthreatening to a lot of people. price has -- and she has been running pretty hard. price has kept a lower profile but seems to have accumulated quite a bit of support within the republican conference over the past few years. >> you going to predict a winner? >> i am not. >> okay. what about among the house democrats? what's nancy pelosi going to do with the rest of her life? >> i think i'm going to need to call my lifeline at this point. [laughter] all eyes are on nancy pelosi. about a week and a half ago, pelosi announced that the de
're both romney and sometimes obama has talked about some kind of overall deductions. guess what? we had something, roughly so much that mostly for high income earners, those have been out of that effect since the bush tax cuts. they would come back into effect on the other side of the fiscal cliff. not a bad thing. capital gains tax rate goes up from 50% were it is encouraging album and just if you look at the wrong attacks occurred, for example, all the loophole, hedge fund pupils from all those are products of such a low capital gains rate and incentives to define incomes are so high, capital gains rate goes up to 20%. that should be at the same level of other incomes but that's progress. dividend rate goes up to the level of normal income. those are good things on the other side of the fiscal cliff. there are things that you would want to change. you would want to restore some of the child tax credit and refund the child tax credit and the middle-class tax cuts and so forth but there's a lot of good on the other side of the fiscal cliff. then there's also an opportunity there i think
with a rally for mitt romney in virginia just north of richmond. and also on c-span president obama's campaign rally at the university of colorado in boulder. that's live at 9 p.m. eastern. [cheers and applause] >> okay. let's get the album by grace coolidge that documents the coolidge family during their white house years and before. part of the coolidge family papers. we have one box that's just photographs and then several boxes of other documents. photographs are heavy. and the album should be in the back of the box here. here it is. unfortunately, it's on black acidic paper. that's not much we can do about that because we don't want to change the artifact nature of the album itself. and it's starting to crack, some of these pages are separating. this is a photograph of calvin coolidge the day before he became president. he was in plymouth, vermont, visiting his father, doing some chores. this is a press photograph, so he did have the press along with him. they took one photograph of him here with his suit jacket on and then another one of him without the suit jacket on. >> more from the v
.s. obama is better than romney for our interest. this american policy is very detrimental for europe. because -- [inaudible] more higher price of raw materials. and less gross. and during the next years, the domestic demand would be very, very, very weak, and we must expand our possibilities and export, and exportation is. but if it is possible for us to export, well, the situation will be more complicated. and this is, we need a consequence of a agreement between european leaders, and american leaders. if you're trying to recover the economy, with very sound pillars. >> let's look at what's happening in spain right now. you got a situation the last couple of months where there seems have been some stabilization in the bond market. since the ecb, since mario dragging it is commitment that the ecb will buy up the bonds of spain and italy and other countries and possibly, if there is a bailout essential because there is pulled from the european authorities to financial support. to fill the holes in the spanish budget. so when the markets is him a great will happen and the bond yields c
administration. when the state of massachusetts had a week a consent agreement it was under governor romney's administration. you are now here under governor deval patrick and here under president obama. let's put partisanship aside. let's make sure you have the authority and the resources to do the job. we want you to do the job because we out to be mindful of the comments, that ms. lovelace make him and all the of the people who are waiting to see if they're going to die from this contaminated drug. we don't want excuses, but we don't want to leave this law ambiguous because you are always sued if you act. and if you act as a me at authority when you don't, you're usually call before committed to say how could you act as if he had authority when congress didn't give it to you. i think we ought to put our partisanship aside, the election is over, figure out a clear law for the federal government to be able to act. because with all due respect, this is not a state issue if drugs are being shipped around the country. thank you, mr. chairman. >> and i'll be the first to recognize him to recom
results where mitt romney is below 30%, you can really see the republican's party deliberate strategy to annual nies paying off. and so when we look at as a party and we look at the demographic changes in the country in the west but also give consideration to the fact that some of the fastest growing latino states are north carolina and ohio and not necessarily the southwest border states and states in the rocky mountain west. we also have to look in this election at the fact that we have given up as republicans five u.s. senate seats in two election cycles because the nominees in those seats were manifestly unqualified to serve in the united states senate from an intellect you'll level and knowledge level and social extreme level and their candda sis were rejected not just by moderate swing voters but by republican voters as well. if you look at the functional majority of democrats in the senate. when you nominate people like murdock in indiana, mr. i'm not a witch o'donnell. ken bucken in cal colorado. it's impossible to advance a conservative agenda in the country because to do tha
mitt romney was finally chosen. somewhere between herman cain and rick santorum. in retrospect, it is striking me as a type of ridiculousness. >> i think for the issues around sexual orientation, we have the last four years of the current president where these issues have already become almost regular issues in american households because the president and his administration were doing things that actually highlighted areas and our concerns from everything from domestic don't tell, even if people were thinking weren't thinking about gender identity, all of a sudden, this becomes, you know, commonplace to hear something about things like that or even a little bit about the issue of hate crimes and legislation back to the beginning of the administration. let's not forget that the president comes out personally and supports the freedom to marry for same-sex couples just a few months back. so for us, it makes sense but it's there. what's interesting about it is that the words were never spoken. there were a lot of discussions around it. are you upset that, you know, the word gay or
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13